What's the fuzzy box?

Well, the fuzzy box is a box where you,
as an attendee, can anonymously submit a question to our guest panelists on the topic of the night.

Start thinking now about a question that’s been burning on your mind lately, and come help us create a safe space where all can ask their pertinent questions.

Past fuzzy box questions:

  • How can I celebrate African American culture w/o appropriating it?
  • As a teacher, I' grabbling with how to cast a play about social justice issues (Vanport, the Japanese Internment, Civil Rights in Oregon) when the majority of my class is white. How do I portray people of color by a white cast? (I teach 3rd grade, 8-9yr olds)
  • With so much hate, violence, genocide and historical oppression, how do you refill your hope?
  • How can I as a white person secure better opportunities for my friends of color in the theatre/arts community?
  • Given that RACE is an artificial construct, what are your thoughts on how we "white" folks can both acknowledge our privilege & our whiteness while also working to shift the paradigm & remove the construct?